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5200 Bluffton Road Fort Wayne, IN 46809  |  Daily 11AM-9PM  

Concession Stand Food (but better)

Taco In A Bag

Nacho Cheese Doritos mixed with Seasoned Beef & Melted Cheese.  Jalapenos is optional.  Can be made with Cool Ranch Doritos or Fritos.


Pretzel with Salt

Pretzel with Cheese

Pretzel with Melted Cheese

Nacho with Cheese

Tortilla Chips with Melted Cheese

Nacho Supreme

Tortilla Chips, Seasoned Beef, & Melted Cheese (Jalapenos optional)

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Regular Fries w/ Seasoned Salt, Cheese Fries, or Chili n Cheese Fries

Homemade Coleslaw

Bag of Chips

Choice of Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Baked BBQ Lays, Regular Lays, Ruffles, Fritos

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Potato Soup

Soup Of The Day

Soup of the Day is only offered during Spring & Fall Hours. 

4-Way Chili

Noodles, Chili, Shredded Cheese, & Onions

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